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Easy CAD software for CCTV

CAD (Computer Aided Design) and CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) software is used widely in all areas of engineering. IP Video System Design Tool is an easy, intuitive and versatile CAD program for CCTV and IP Video surveillance system design.

CCTV layout in JVSG CAD program

Our CAD program offers 2D and 3D modeling of  video surveillance systems and helps the designer to find optimal places  for security cameras on the site plan,  check coverage of all cameras,  choose proper camera lens, and get estimations of required hard drive storage space and network bandwidth for IP cameras. The user can draw or import a site/floor plan in BMP/JPEG format and then place test 3D objects  like cars or men and obstacles like walls and buildings to visualize what the security system operator will see on his/her CCTV monitors.

IP Video System Design Tool is widely used as video surveillance CAD software by security system designers, installers, network administrators and DIYers from more than 70 countries.

Our CAD  for CCTV lets the user:

  • Switch between two-dimensional (2D) site plan or floor plan and three-dimensional (3D) views.
  • Change any parameter of a security camera: When one parameter changes, related parameters are automatically recalculated.
  • Zoom in / Zoom out the site plan with mouse wheel for close-up and distant views.
  • Rotate cameras, change camera height to view them from different perspectives.
  • See the result in a small 3D preview window and in a large 3D view window (3D view tab).
  • Get estimations of required HDD storage space for different compression and recording options.
  • Export two-dimensional (2D ) camera layout, 3D mockups and tables to other software to prepare video surveillance project documentation.

We developed our software to be as easy to use as other popular software packages used by security systems engineers like MS Visio or AutoCAD.

No special PC hardware is required for JVSG computer aided design software. However, in case if you plan to import large site plan/floor plan images or work with large CCTV layouts it is recommended to use a modern graphics card  from ATI or NVidia with more than 256 MB or RAM.

Please feel free to download a 45 days trial version and check out the user comments at this link .  In addition there is a special offer for bloggers to receive a license key for this CCTV software for free.

As an alternative for simple calculations you can use our free lens calculator.

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CCTV Project Planner

To design CCTV video surveillance systems, it is always good to use special CCTV project planner software.

CCTV project planner software typically includes:  bandwidth and storage estimator, CCTV lens selector, field of view calculator, focal length calculator. Many manufacturers offer product selection guides to choose a proper model from the list of equipment (like lens or cameras) they offer.

The use of project planner software can help to ensure you are investing optimal amount of money in your CCTV equipment and your future CCTV system is going to fulfill all project requirements.

JVSG CCTV Project Planner. Focal length and field of view calculation

Our software helps you to save money by making an optimal choice and placement of CCTV cameras and getting a correct estimation of video storage volume. All this goes a long way to ensure that you are investing in the right type of equipment which will server its intended purpose and gives proper return of investment in the long run.

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Five Reasons Why You Should Use JVSG Tool For Video Surveillance Planning

Attract More Customers

  • In today’s competitive environment, having new customers constantly is one of the keys of success. With this software tool you can make professional quotes with proper sketches, realistic test objects, 3D images, mock ups etc, which leave a lasting impression on your clients.
  • Explain to your customers that they can reduce costs by optimum utilization of cameras where they can get better utilization of the hardware and also reduce blind spots and coverage gaps thus increasing level of security.
  • When you are answering queries related to your product, you can quickly glance through the details while your client is on call.
    All these factors go a long way to earn and retain new clients along the way.

Design video surveillance systems quickly and easy

  • “A picture is worth a thousand words” goes the old and equally wise saying. It is true that most human beings learn much quicker when aided by visuals rather than pure text as that is more in tune with the human psychology of learning.
    Our program takes full advantage of this concept and displays the information in an intuitive and easy to remember manner. So instead of remembering commands and functions you will easily remember that yellow color indicates areas where it is possible to recognize people, red color indicates areas suitable for people identification, green areas for detection and so forth.

CCTV Camera Identification, Recognition, Detection zones in IP Video System Design Tool

  • The cut, copy, paste and move functions are very familiar to all PC users and come naturally to them, hence do not require any learning curve. The processes also follow the natural logical pattern so say for example if you have to insert a window in a wall, simply drag the window onto the position and it will get inserted in the wall just like building blocks.
  • There is a 30 level Undo function which helps you to go back in case you seem to be on the wrong design path, thus tracing your steps backwards one at a time.

Encourage customers to spend more

Cost savings is often a priority but not always so, especially in the area of security. So when your customers are not convinced why they should purchase more and/or better cameras than the ones they want, you can always explain visually that how better cameras can lead to better identification of people and corresponding increase in security.

It might seem a small increase in percentage of expenditure at the outset but it helps to save lot more money in the long run by providing better security and preventing many possible mishappenings.

Increase Customer Loyalty

Getting new customers is just one side of the coin; if these customers are not satisfied and not retained, it will just be useless to keep acquiring new customers when they do not return. Hence building a loyal customer base is the sure short way to success.
IP Video System Design Tool software helps to keep your customers satisfied by taking care of all their requirements. Communication is vital in any business transaction and any gap or misunderstanding in the same leads to loss of time, reputation and the client itself.

Hence you can always use this software to provide the best demos and make sure that communication is complete in all respects such as understanding their needs, aspiration and demands.

Software for CCTV design


Do you still need any more proof as to why should you invest in JVSG tool?

Just click here and read user reviews and comments.

87.3% of  customers who took part in the customer survey specified that they are satisfied or very satisfied with features and benefits of IP Video System Design Tool.

Case Study: LENSEC uses IP Video System Design Tool to easily design large scale surveillance systems and understand client requirements in a better way through 3D visual models…

White Paper:  From CCTV Pre-visualization of Design to Fruition – by Jay C. McCormick  PSP, CAHSO, ESCO Communications

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