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We provide the following categories of partnership:

  • Technology Partnership (Camera Integration) Program for Camera Manufacturers
  • Reselling Program
  • OEM and Co-Branding Program
  • Referrer (Affiliate)  Program for video surveillance related blog/forum/website owners
  • Co-seller (sells under JVSG name, users email address).

Technology Partnership Program  for Camera Manufacturers

We can quickly integrate your list of cameras into IP Video System Design Tool.

  • You send us an email with your contact details.
  • We send you a template XLS file for your engineers to fill.
  • Your engineers enter your camera’s details into XLS file and send it to us.
  • Our engineers add your camera list into IP Video System Design Tool.
  • We give a few test NFR license keys for your employees for testing.
  • You publish an information on your website and/or a press release about the integration.
  • We add your  cameras to the online database of camera models so thousands of IP Video System Design Tool  users will be able  to design CCTV systems using your cameras immediately.
  • In case if you have some cameras with non-standard lens (like multi-sensor cameras) we can prepare a detailed integration plan.


Reseller program

As a reseller, you can purchase our software with a reseller discount (initial reseller discounts are from 10% to 25%. And we offer larger discounts 25-40% in case of a long-term cooperation).

You are not required to sign a written contract with us.

To get a higher discount you will need to purchase 1-hour reseller technical training from us ($100 USD, Skype, 1 hour).

Contact us and introduce your company (your company name, street address, website, email address, phone number e.t.c). We will send you a special URL where you can purchase a license for your customer with your reseller discount.

Once you have placed your order, the end-user license key will be sent to you by e-mail.

Finally, you either forward the licensing information to the end-user or enter the license key on the customer’s machine(s) directly.


OEM Program

The JVSG OEM Program offers an opportunity to create business value by embedding or bundling JVSG design software with other commercial products.

To get quotes please email us at support @

We need the following information to give you the best price:

  • Territories, languages or an approximate number of licenses per year.
  • Contact person details.
  • Description of a product our software is going to be bundled with (camera, services, …).
  • Additional requirements if any. For example,  a list of IP Video System Design Tool functions you don’t really need  or a list of additional features you need.
We provide the following categories of marketing partnership