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CCTV Lens Angle

How to choose a proper CCTV Lens for a given angle?

Different CCTV lens sizes can change the viewing angle of a security camera. Typically angle of view or CCTV lens angle can be expressed in  Horizontal (HFOV),  Vertical, or Diagonal. Angle of view at a given distance depends upon the focal-length of the lens and CCD Sensor size (1/6″, 1/4″, 1/3″, 1/2″ or 1″).  Smaller focal lengths give a wider angle of view.In the past you would use a tables like this:

Focal Length 1/4″, Lens Angle
1/3″ Lens Angle
1/3″, Width  at 10m
4 44 62 10.9 m
6 30 44 7.7 m
8 22 33 5.9 m

Nowadays there is an easy way to find proper CCTV lens and proper camera locations. You can use our  CCTV design tools to visualize CCTV lens angles and see how modification of any parameter affects the whole design.

CCTV Lens Angle Software

CCTV Lens Angle Software

When choosing the lens focal length you need to consider the purpose of the video surveillance system, general observation to detect activity/movement, or the ability of facial identification. Also dependent on the purpose is the resolution of the security camera.

Download CCTV Design Tool software , Use online lens calculator,   See comments from CCTV designers and installers