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Why choose JVSG software?

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For CCTV Installers 


cctv installers

  • do more projects in less time
  • explain to customers why you need so many cameras
  • make your projects and proposals stand out
  • show your customer the 3D modeling result in advance
For Physical Security Professionals 


for physical security professionals

  • find optimal locations of surveillance cameras
  • detect blind spots and dead zones
  • ensure pixels density is sufficient for identification, recognition or detection
  • check how your video surveillance system fight all threats
For Network Engineers 

cctv network and storage bandwidth

  • calculate required network bandwidth for CCTV and IP Video
  • calculate NAS or HDD storage space for video archive
  • find optimal compression to minimize network traffic
For Do-It-Yourself Video Surveillance 

cctv design software for do-it-yourself

  • design your video surveillance system easy
  • minimize number of cameras by finding optimal camera locations
  • calculate lens focal length, field of view and camera resolution quickly and precisely


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