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In the next versions 7.2 of IP Video System Design Tool:

  • support of large AutoCAD site plan / floor plans
  • advanced export functions
  • new options of camera zone visualization


Detection, Recognition, Identification and Monitoring zones

3D CCTV camera field of view modeling using Floor Plans

IP Video System Design Tool  helps to choose right camera installation parameters, check cctv coverage and to prepare CCTV diagram layout for CCTV project documentation.

In the future we plan to improve some drawing functions so, in some cases our cctv layout software will be able to replace  such popular cctv drawing software like Visio and AutoCAD.

All minor updates and fixes are free. All the users who purchased the software 360 days prior to a major update will be able to get such update for free.

IP Video System Design Tool in the Press

CCTV Books

IP Video System Design Tool in Press. Digital video surveillance book.

Digital Video Surveillance and Security (ISBN-10: 1856177475, Book by Anthony Caputo, 2010)

“If you google “lens calculator” a number comes up for you to use or you can choose the IP Video System Design Tool, a small undiscovered gem…” (p.174)


Case Studies

LENSEC :  LENSEC uses IP Video System Design Tool by JVSG to easily design large scale surveillance systems ….


Recent Media Coverage

Lowering Risk in CCTV Design (IFSEC Global, Simon Lambert, 2013)

Security systems are designed to reduce risk. Their owners invest money in them for that reason.
Unfortunately, the process of buying a CCTV system creates new risks for the owner…


Documenting Camera Layout (IP Video Market,, 2012)

The first benefit of performing a camera layout is that it provides a realistic representation of the camera’s field of view…


Camera Design Tool with Google Maps Integration (IP Video Market,, 2011)

IP Video System Design Made Easy (IPFocus Magazine,  2011)

IP Focus 11/2011 Cover IP Focus 11/2011 Cover



Tech Talk by Bob Dolph (Security Sales & Integration, 2010)
This month I have selected a software tool that can be very valuable when you are trying to professionally specify and lay out CCTV systems


JVSG’s software offers an easy and convenient way to place CCTV cameras in a virtual 3D world (SecurityPark, 2010)

The planning of CCTV or IP video system requires a lot of time and energy.


CCTV design and modeling software for CCTV engineers (Software For Enterprise, 2010)

As a CCTV expert / engineer, whenever you’re requested to provide some consultation on ways to position CCTVs in a certain environment, how would you go about doing it? …


CCTV Community

Network Camera Bandwidth Calculator (

JVSG have developed a great software tool which helps you to calculate the bandwidth needed for network CCTV cameras.


Cool CCTV Design Software (

Here is really neat software you can use as a tool to develop or try and help blue-print your own CCTV setup.


IP Video System Design Tool: a good help for an inside sales of the B2B channel (

In this post I introduce the IP Video System Design Tool…


Planung Videoüberwachung (, German)

Mit dem IP Video System Design Tool von JVSG können professionelle Videoüberwachungsanlagen (CCTV-Systeme) geplant werden…


Vidéosurveillance sur IP (French, by Marc Pichaud)

Test : logiciel de simulation d’implantation de vidéo protection…


IP Video System Design Tool (TVCC) : un aiuto in fase di Progettazione (Alessandro Marchesano Blog, Italian)




I want to write/blog about IP Video System Design Tool, can I get some assets?

We would be delighted to get a mention in your publication. Please contact us if there is anything we can do to help.

Thanks so much, your help is much appreciated!

Here’s a logo / icon you can use:

You can use any screenshots from website or make new screenshots yourself.

Please, contact us to get a free evaluation/demo license of IP Video System Design Tool.

Also you can download a trial version using this button bellow:

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How to get JVSG discount coupon

We will give you a  discount coupon in the following cases:

  • You help us to find bugs and errors in our software or on our website (Please mention you are interested in a discount).
  • You represent organizations like CCTV training courses.
  • Educational and non-profit institutions that will use our software in education process or for charity activity are eligible for 25% discount if they order 2 or more licenses.

To get a free license key, you can do one of the following:

  • We need translations of our software help file into several languages. In addition we  need a localization of  the latest version into several languages (DE, PT, KO, JP, …). Details are here.  Also we need a translation of our product pages to Japanese and Korean languages. For such help we’ll send you a license FREE of charge.
  • If you are a CCTV/IP Video/technical blogger or journalist willing to write us up (honest reviews are the most useful to us) email us a short blurb with the link to your site/blog and we’ll send you a license, FREE of charge, so that you can evaluate our IP Video System Design Tool properly.
  • A note to university students and professors: we currently do not offer free licenses to universities, but we’ll be happy to offer you 40% off any orders of 5 or more licenses. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll set up a discount code for you.

If you don’t fit in any of the four buckets above, you can buy a Pro version  for $299 or a basic version license for just $199.

Please email us to get more details and instructions  (

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